Australian Financial Review:
Brett King on what banking needs to be

Australian Financial Review: Brett King on what banking needs to be

Duncan Hughes from the Australian Financial Review chatting with Xinja Board Advisor and neobank pioneer Brett King on how banking should be, how neobanks will change it, and the next few years.

“A bank is a platform that extends to other parts of your life if it is embedded when and where you need it” – Brett King, Founder of Moven

Hughes talks to King about the entrance of non-bank players like Apple into the market, the fact that Western banks are up to 8 years behind Chinese players like WeBank and that credit cards with 16 digit numbers will cease to exist but people will still turn to banks for the credit facility.

King talks about the fact that people will no longer need to apply for credit because it will be proffered dynamically. They cover off real time credit offers on things like car loans based on what the user can afford, the need still for the human component in organising a home loan, and the importance of changing the culture in banks about how money is made.

“The big concern [in banks] is that the culture on how to make money is not changing.”- Brett King, Founder of Moven


You can read the full article here: (Please note, the Australian Financial Review is behind a paywall).

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