About Xinja

Xinja is building Australia’s first, independent, 100% digital bank, designed from the ground up for mobile and using AI (artificial intelligence). Xinja will revolutionise your banking experience, not just making it quick and easy but fun to track your spending & save for what you want. More importantly, it will help you (effortlessly) get ahead. So more than a mobile banking app (because it really helps you make the most out of your money) and more than a money management app (because it's immediate - virtual banking and money management combined). And more than both, because it's intuitive, easy, instant and fun to use.

Xinja features

The beta version of the Xinja app and card will let you track your discretionary spend (or disposable income). Load it up at the beginning of the month and its simple tap or swipe prompts will help you get through in great financial shape. Chuck away your credit card and get financially nimble. Features will be added continually from launch but at launch they will include:

  • Tap&Go pre-paid card
  • Open an account in seconds
  • Top up from existing transaction account
  • Free ATM withdrawals overseas (up to 4 per month)
  • Low international transaction fees & very competitive foreign exchange rate
  • Spend Categories (know where your money is going)
  • Instant payment notifications
  • Freeze or thaw your lost card instantly
  • Fast, friendly support via chat
  • Lots of emojis 🙂

Xinja roll-out

We've already built the first basic version of the app and the alpha version of the app will be tested by 'friends and family' in early 2018 before the beta launch in late February 2018. From that time there will be regular releases  available to small but increasing numbers of customers. The next planned products are mortgages in Q1 or A2 2018 and transactional accounts later in the year. And we'll be adding more AI (artificial intelligence) - ie: getting smarter 😉 - as we go, making the service more & more tailored to you, and even easier to use.

Xinja mission

To build a bank with our customers, designed in their interests, that helps them make better money decisions without the angst.

All delivered through a brilliant mobile experience.

Read the Xinja story here.

Xinja community

Our Founding Xinjas are helping us design the bank they want now, by contributing ideas via meet-ups and online, and will be testing the early prototype app & card to help us make it even better. Join Xinja and find out about meet-ups in your area.

Xinja people

The Xinja team is a group of people from banking, customer experience & technology backgrounds with a common vision of how money should be. Read more about the Xinjas here and if you are interested in joining the team sign up here to hear out about future opportunities.