How money should be

We are building Australia's first 100% digital bank. Designed for mobile - made for people. We are not a bank yet, but we want to be, and we want you to be a part of it.

We are building Australia’s first 100% digital bank. Designed for mobile - made for people. We are not a bank yet, but we want to be, and we want you to be a part of it.

working for you

Even when you’re asleep. Never miss a regular bill. Move money instantly to earn more interest or pay less. Always know where you are with your money, see how much you can afford & where your money is going. Stash money for specific things. All this (and more) on your phone.


easy as...and fun

Turn a dull task into a rewarding game. Save with a single swipe, tap to pay a bill, set up your account in seconds with zero paperwork. Friendly fast support 24/7 with in-app chat. Better, faster money decisions without the angst.


a win-win

Being 100% digital & having the latest technology means low costs for us & competitive rates & low or no fees for you. Plus we design our products to help you get ahead - if you do well, so do we. Xinja is being designed in your interests & these are ours too.

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So build your own bank!

Join the Founding Xinja community, get access to the early cards & app, test it
and feedback. We listen to what you want so we can deliver what you need.
Maybe even own a piece of the action in future crowdfunding.
We are building a bank together, so it will be the bees knees.

Money thoughts

"Banks focus on maths, not behaviour, while most of money is behaviour, not maths." 

- Andrew

"I don’t want to stress about money more than 5 minutes a day." 

- Leisa

"Everything we do as millennials is different to our parents, but banking is the same."  

- Arthur

"[It] hit me in the last 5 years … I only have a finite number of years..."

- Sophie

"It's all kind of sort of a big flurry of transactions going out then and you don't really know how much you spend."

- Chris

"Why can’t my bank app show me my future position, keep track of my spend?"

- Carol

"I should be able to do it [all] on my phone."

- Josh

"Bring us interesting and new ways to do things to grow money faster."

- Hasaan

"I don’t think that banking needs to be painful but it often ends up being quite painful."

- Dylan

"Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to the wall because she doesn’t understand it; I’m always the bad guy, the money guy."  

- A.